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Binance Reddit

Fees at 25% discount, months before hitting account age of 1 year

I just logged in and see that I’m now only receiving a 25% discount, and my account is less than 9 months old. Per the terms, it should be 50% discount for the first year: Was the 50% discount rescinded? Per this article, it mentions 25%: What’s the deal? ➔ Visit Binance now…

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Help me!

Hello, I am having an issue. I lost my 2FA Google authenticator, I want to send my documents to Binance to recover it but I am underage. What to do? # ➔ Visit Binance now and start trading

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How many times can i cancel an order per day?

Hello, guys, i wish all of you to have a lovely day. To begin with, as the title says do i have any restrictions about how many times can i cancel a limit or a stop loss order? ​ For example, can i cancel more than 20 times per day an order when this is…

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How can I get real support with resetting 2fa

I’ve went to the website to sign in and used the link to reset 2fa, opened support tickets, and nothing is helping, I sent in the pictures they asked for and then they told me the pictures couldn’t be used. I then tried to resubmit better pictures through the 2fa reset link again, I answered…

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The Transaction Fee of ETH/BTC

* **Transaction Fee of BTC = Fees(sat/byte) * Site(byte)** []( ​ For example, The Transaction Fee of  BTC above = 246 byte  * 401.613sat/B  =  0.000996BTC. ​ ​ * **Transaction Fee of ETH = Gas Limit * Gas Price**  ​ []( ​ For example,The Transaction Fee of ETH above = 21000 * 20 Gwei =…

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