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Binance Reddit

The upcoming BCH fork.

So from what i gathered from the announcement, if BCH does fork into 2 new coins, am i correct in assuming that if i were say 100 BCH at the time of the fork, i would receive both 100 BCHABC(what a stupid fucking ticker) AND 100 BCHSV? ➔ Visit Binance now and start trading

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Can’t Login

Everytime i log in it just logs me out after about 2-4 seconds… is this because of the site maintenance? this never happened before where binance just keeps logging me out as soon as i log in ➔ Visit Binance now and start trading

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Lost my 2FA and Seed and have ~8.14 BTC in account

Yesterday I lost my phone, had to get a new one. I tried to log into Binance, but I cannot find the seed for my most recent 2FA. I only have my seed from my prior phone, which obviously doesn’t work. I assume I am screwed here. But I have a few things to prove…

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2fa authentication error

hi, i had to install the authenticator app on a new phone since i lost my other phone. i saved my 2fa backup key and i’ve added binance back on my authenticator app. But when i enter the code i get 2FA verification code error. ​ any help? ➔ Visit Binance now and start trading

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