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Binance Reddit

Order fill notification

Hey @Binance, are there any plans to create a function where you get push notifications when an order is filled? This would be so damn useful to alert you to a stop loss being hit, etc. ➔ Visit Binance now and start trading

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Fetch.Ai Buying process

Hello people. So i decided to buy [Fetch.Ai](https://Fetch.Ai) via its ico on BNB session but after hearing that last session whent overboard becouse of the overload decided to ask few questions about the buying process. I was told that the session itself might be minutes long due to people wanting it so bad so i…

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Binance Desktop Client High DPI Still Broken in 2019

Can this get addressed please? How can I provide feedback to Binance desktop client devs? On 4k screens the app is very blurry. Devs need to push a fix as soon as possible. Can mods please somehow communicate this to developers or CZ so that this is addressed soon? ➔ Visit Binance now and start…

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Is there another reddit for BNB mainnet?

I have $0 value on Binance and don’t care about the centralized or decentralized exchanges. I do hold ERC-20 BNB in MyEtherWallet and it’s one of my largest holdings. Is there a reddit more focused on the new BNB blockchain, mainnet, token swap, and internals like consensus, block time, test net, explorers, compatible wallets, private…

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