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Huobi Reddit

Huobi are THIEVES! You will never be able to withdraw.

Don’t deposit anything on Huobi. They will accept the deposit and let you trade, but then never let you withdraw any money. You are effectively being robbed if you trust them with any tokens. I attempted multiple times to get money out, only to have withdrawals rejected for obscure reasons like “cash limit reached” even…

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Deposit and Withdrawal Limits for both verified and unverified users

I want to know what are the deposit and withdrawal daily limits on huobi for both verified and unverified users only for crypto currencies, I tried to find it on site but found nothing specific. Also after login, website does not seem to be loading its trading platform properly, View Reddit by greygrain – View…

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can’t generate API?

Hi, I couldn’t find any api creator on Is the API on connects to the same user? And if so, does anyone knows why I always get wrong balance output? (i have some bitcoins but i keep getting 0.00000BTC) Thanks alot View Reddit by erezcrypto – View Source

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Deposit on Huobi not showing up in available balance

I just signed up on Huobi with the intention of buying some Qash, so I transferred some ETH into my newly created Huobi account. The deposit shows up on my deposit history, but when I go to the Exchange page to do trading or even to my Deposit and Withdrawal page my ETH balance is…

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Account unavailable to withdraw!!

What is this shit? Worst exchange ever! Says my account is unavailable to withdraw! How do I get my coins off this shit exchange? This is ridiculous would have never used this exchange if I knew this could happen! View Reddit by chimob – View Source

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ethereum not confirmed on huobi smart contract

huobi did not solve my ETH deposit that I made that was as a smart contracts bitstamp, the support speaks that it will solve and it will not solve!! informing me of my transfer: wallet: 0x3efc13c0b7c8446ca54ec719d928ebbbd643e781 smart contract hash: 0x8c7a3cd039d87213d4990e3225d54ed20fdfe54dbddb7f71361bc277af026135 View Reddit by sami183 – View Source

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