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Huobi Reddit

Huobi ID verification…how to!?

Tried several times to upload my id card for verification,seems there is an inconsistent name/number. No further explanation,what’s going wrong? View Reddit by Djanjazz – View Source

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XEM deposit not showing up

Anybody knows why a confirmed transaction on NEM blockchain does not show up in Huobi account. I have deposited to the address provided by Huobi and the blockchai confirms it however it has not been deposited to my account on exchange as yet. Can anybody from Huobi please help? Ive approached their support with no…

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Huobi doesn’t have stop-loss functionality? Are they planning to add it? View Reddit by zurrr – View Source

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How to transfer between accounts?

When I signed up I managed to miss the nationality box and left it on the auto detected value, after starting the verification process and realising it can’t be changed, I created a new account and correctly verified it. The problem is that on my unverified account I have ~0.3 BTC worth of coins that…

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