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Kucoin Reddit

ETH not showing up yet

TxHash: 0x587202b2bf46c06427bb19843812e11be99b72dec6d4fed7deda4a0084a36265 I tranferred it from Please take action. Thank you ➔ Visit Kucoin now and start trading

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Kucoin, Where is my Backdated Referral Bonus? Enough is Enough.

As many of you know, Kucoin stopped paying out the referral bonus for ~2 months (if somebody has a more accurate figure, please comment) at the start of the year. There was a LOT of volume when they initially stopped the ref bonuses, so the amount owed is quite significant. You have been promising me…

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Transaction history issue

For the last couple days now the trade history showing up in my android app is only showing my NEO/BTC trades. I’ve deleted cache and even reinstalled the app but nothing. I checked on my computer’s browser and it’s the same thing when no filter is applied. However, when I change the filter to show…

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