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Kucoin Reddit

Kucoin are THEIVES stealing your Vet.

Cant even have the courtesy of making any kind of announcement or any kind of explination while they sit there loading up on millions of VET daily laughing at the idiots who did business with them. I will never make this mistake with this POS service again. Ledger now has support and our coins are…

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NEO withdrawal stuck for 4 days

This is really not expected from an exchange as big as Kucoin. My NEO withdrawal has been stuck for 4 days and I have received no intimation on how much longer this will take. Can someone tell me what the issue is? Switcheo is working fine so I don’t think the NEO blockchain has an…

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NEO coins stuck

please either forward the transactions to our wallets or provide each user with his private key, don’t keep blaming the neo blockchain for it is working perfectly, also we’ll need compensation for the gas we’re losing due to this misbehaving on your behalf. ➔ Visit Kucoin now and start trading

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API returns “Invalid number parameters”

Hi, I am sending this API request: >> POST []( > >> Accept-Encoding: gzip > >> User-Agent: xxx > >> KC-API-KEY: xxx > >> KC-API-NONCE: xxx > >> KC-API-SIGNATURE: xxx > >> Host: []( And getting back this error I’ve never seen this: >< HTTP/1.1 200 > >< Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2018 21:39:41 GMT…

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Kucoin’s next All time high!

[some maybe suffering for kucoin’s current’s value in USD, ETH, and BTC but who agree that most of us are loving this dip and acquiring as many as KCS we can?]( ➔ Visit Kucoin now and start trading

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