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[DAY 2] This will be posted until Binance provides a clear timeline to resolution of their coin fraction ripoff scam. They’re STEALING FROM YOU

For the majority of coins [200 of 235], any fraction, even .9999, cannot be sold. This can result in a large amount of unsellable coins, easily going over $100 of unsellable coins. Binance has promised a solution for this tomorrow ™, for months.

Between blocking trades and ridiculous withdraw fees stopping you from moving your fractions ($20 for ETHOS as an example), Binance is robbing its users.

When is it that Binance plans to stop stealing from its users?

I will continue to post this reminder daily until Binance stops robbing us.

Mods have threatened to suppress these posts but I will continue to post them daily until Binance provides a clear timeline for resolution of their theft. They have already taken the step of auto removing posts about dust.

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