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Introducing the Kucoin Index

A few nights ago, I was reading people’s thoughts on Kucoin and the returns they could achieve through holding KCS and realised the total value of holding KCS is difficult to estimate.

Adding up each day’s bonus won’t capture the price growth of the coins you receive, while focusing on the price of KCS ignores the income and the compounding earnings you make through your stack of KCS increasing over time (due to KCS received in the daily bonus).

So I thought an index, based on the assumption hodling KCS and letting all the gains accrue, without trading, might be a good way to accurately measure KCS returns over time.

I haven’t had a lot of experience making websites, so I’ve started off with a blog style. It’s a bit static (I know how many times we all check Blockfolio but I’m only updating it daily for now) but I’ll look to improve it over the coming weeks.

I’d appreciate any feedback you may have – does it make sense? Is there anything else you’d be interested to see?

Almost forgot, the all important results, as of just a few minutes ago, the Index was up to $113.73 USD (from a starting point of $100 USD on 7 January 2018) or 1.3635 BTC (from a starting point of 1 BTC)

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