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SUPPORT TICKETS 62928 / 31293 /18864 – Coming to Visit your London Office to get a response

Hello can you please explain to me why I have not had any response to the titled ticket numbers to date. These all cover the same transaction locked in your holding wallets which I believe was due to Bistamp setting the gas to low and then miners prioritising bloody cryptokitties.

This leaves me no choice but to pay your London Office a visit to get a response which is a complete waste of my time but somehow now seems my only option to retrieve my 9.6 ETH you are holding. Fortunately I have some time off work and live in London so this seems like the logical thing to do.

This is shocking customer service from one of the worlds most established Crypto Exchanges and just reading this message board I am thoroughly shocked how badly Bistamp is performing over the past couple of months. I’ve been a registered member for three years, I expect better service.

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