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Bitcoin is recovering

The Bitcoin is doing well. Meanwhile, a new study by Goldman Sachs prophesies many crypto plants the downfall. Source link

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Stay away from Bitcoin!

The Bundesbank warns: Bitcoin is extremely risky – and billions of investors are in danger, writes central bank chairman Carl-Ludwig Thiele in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. But that's not the only negative thing about the cryptocurrency. Source link

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"A price decline is overdue"

Will there be new stock market records in 2018? Yes, says Peter Oppenheimer, the chief strategist of Goldman Sachs. Gradually the stock rally gets a bit scary. Source link

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It is time for regulation

While banking regulators strictly regulate every savings bank, cryptocurrencies are neglected. Wrong: The dangers of the currencies are enormous. A guest contribution. Source link

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Purchasing crypto with CC is a ripoff

I was excited to learn that Bitstamp allowed purchases of Crypto with a credit card, but soon learned the hard way this is a huge rip off.

I was fine with paying the 5% fee that Bitstamp outlines in their fee structure. However, what they DON’T say is that this is not transacted as a purchase, like it claims on their site, but instead is charged as a cash advance. So therefor I have to incur MORE astronomical fees by my bank.

You already make me call my bank each time I’ve purchased crypto, so after going through extensive verifications, there is no worry that I will later try to reverse the charges or claim that it wasn’t me making them. So there is absolutely no reason for you to charge this as a cash advance.

Shame on you for doing this, and not being transparent about it!

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swift transfer with another bank

Dear Domen,

Thanks for your support. I have a question. Can I perform swift transfer with a bank which I have not used before? In kyc process I wrote the bank which I always used. This time I want to send money with other bank which I cooperate with. Is it possible? ( I hope no any delay can occur about crediting time?)

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