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My binance account was hacked

Recently I trade on binance. I traded altcoins but those altcoins converted to bitcoin on market price and withdrawan. I enabled 2fa there is no security on binance ➔ Visit Binance now and start trading

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Binance’s position on forked BCC coins?

It’s highly likely Bitcoin Cash will have a Chain Split during the next Nov hard fork. if you have been following the Bangkok meeting did not go as planned. Wanted to know whether Binance will give the forked coins during this split event should it occur. ➔ Visit Binance now and start trading

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Are Huobi Deposits Disabled?

Here is a screenshot of the deposits page: [Huobi Bitcoin Deposit Page]( Anyone else having these issues? edit: whoops, looks like they are now enabled. Still, I have been trying to deposit for three days now, without success until a few minutes ago. How often does this happen? View Reddit by bitocoino – View Source

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1. Introduction Binance is an exchange company formed in 2017. If one may ask, is Binance just an exchange or a progressive crypto exchange? My answer is that Binance is not just a crypto exchange company but an ‘engine’ that drives crypto-currency adoption. How? My readers may ask. My answers will first start with a…

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