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Thinking about Huobi? Read this first…

Hello /r/huobi. This is my 3rd and last attempt before I unsubscribe and escalate this to where ever you can escalate such things. I have emailed you guys a bunch and chatted with your support plenty of times. The SUBREDDIT huobi person gives more shits about me so I’m posting it here in hopes that…

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The Transaction Fee of ETH/BTC

* **Transaction Fee of BTC = Fees(sat/byte) * Site(byte)** []( ​ For example, The Transaction Fee of  BTC above = 246 byte  * 401.613sat/B  =  0.000996BTC. ​ ​ * **Transaction Fee of ETH = Gas Limit * Gas Price**  ​ []( ​ For example,The Transaction Fee of ETH above = 21000 * 20 Gwei =…

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Deposit source restrictions?

Under deposits ETH: ” We don’t recommend that you deposit from smart contract address or Coinbase address or it won’t be credited.” Does this include GDAX? Why are they saying transfers from some sources will not be credited? That seems super weird, especially with no reason given. View Reddit by TulsiTeaTime – View Source

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Problems Trying to purchase coins

I signed up to Huobi & deposited ETH no problem. I’ve sent my passport verification. In the meantime I’ve set up some buys on some ALT coins. These haven’t gone through, is this because I’m not verified yet? View Reddit by renners9 – View Source

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I did two transfers of 0.0051 ETH To sum up the minimum which was 0.01 ETH(i have the money in two wallets and im poor). Well apparently i cannot do two transfers so i send an email to see if i can get back the money or at least show up the balance in the…

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Sent ETH from Bitstamp to Huobi – 24 days and pending

Hello, I have sent ETH from Bitstamp to Houbi 24 days ago. I was not aware that Huobi doesn’t support smart contract. There should be big red sign for that! Anyway, contacted support numerous times and they are delaying every time. First it was soon, then it was be patient, after that they said on…

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