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SUPPORT TICKETS 62928 / 31293 /18864 – Coming to Visit your London Office to get a response

Hello can you please explain to me why I have not had any response to the titled ticket numbers to date. These all cover the same transaction locked in your holding wallets which I believe was due to Bistamp setting the gas to low and then miners prioritising bloody cryptokitties.

This leaves me no choice but to pay your London Office a visit to get a response which is a complete waste of my time but somehow now seems my only option to retrieve my 9.6 ETH you are holding. Fortunately I have some time off work and live in London so this seems like the logical thing to do.

This is shocking customer service from one of the worlds most established Crypto Exchanges and just reading this message board I am thoroughly shocked how badly Bistamp is performing over the past couple of months. I’ve been a registered member for three years, I expect better service.

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ETH Deposit address Ticket #360622

Hey guys, not sure if anyone has ran into this problem before but I did not know that my ETH wallet address changed every time I wanted to deposit ETH. So I used the address I used last week and noticed that my ETH wasn’t there. Anyone have any information on this? I can prove the transaction went through on ETH scan and all. Please help me! I found information online with someone having the same problem but with coinable exchange. Even though your wallet address changes, it still belongs to your account.

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Reinvesting KCS dividends

It would be nice if we had a dashboard where we could configure reinvesting KCS dividends. For example, on a per-coin basis, give us the option to reinvest into the coin (default, the way it works now), or one of the coin’s trading pairs (BTC, ETH, etc), or back into KCS.

Kucoin: Thanks for the great work. It’s obvious you’re trying to keep up with a very high influx of new users. You’ve got this.

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$12 Fee for Moving my OMG to an off site storage

Look, I trade exclusively with Binance

Withdrawing Ethereum or other Alt Coins in the past I have NEVER had an issue like this, unless I was withdrawling Bitcoin …

Why is it trying to charge me a .5 OMG fee to withdrawl ?

If this is the case I will simply change to Ethereum or another small Alt Coin .. transfer to another exchange, rebuy OMG and STOP using Binance period.

What is going on here .. I have loved using Binance and not had any issues (Besides it lagging at times) until today. There is no way I am keeping hundreds of dollars of coins I am holding long term on Binance – security wise it makes 0 sense.

That doesn’t mean I won’t move back to Binance to trade in the future, but that will be the case if they seriously want $12 to make a withdrawl. I want to ‘test’ the withdrawl to make sure there ar no issues and I have to send $15 worth of OMG to test and see if I even get a few dollars worth in my wallet.

This means with a test transaction and the “Real” transaction we are talking 1 OMG – which is what, around $25 ??

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After ‘winning’ the competition my trade history has changed. Did Binance do this? Are they scamming? Please help me figure this out

Deleted by accident, reposting it:

Hey guys,

Today binance streamed the lucky drawing, and I was one of the lucky ones I think. The br…@….com matches my mail address and the BTC amount 1.88BTC matched my trades. I did VEN/ETH so I couldn’t calculate the exact BTC, but with fast calculating I got 1.92 BTC as a result, so it probably is me.

Now, what I noticed a few minutes ago is this: My Binance trade history has been changed. Some of my trades are missing they are gone,, the ones I did on the 4th of january. So, the ones that count for the competition.

I bought my first VEN’s on the 18th and 28th of december before the competition started, the history of those trades are as follow:

2017-12-28 19:40:47 VEN/ETH Buy 0.00250181 770 0.77000000 VEN 1.92639370 ETH

2017-12-28 19:30:06 VEN/ETH Buy 0.00251496 44 0.00466477 BNB 0.11065824 ETH

2017-12-18 23:17:05 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00201000 1498 0.00301098 ETH 3.01098000 ETH

2017-12-18 22:41:58 VEN/ETH Buy 0.00203786 108 0.10800000 VEN 0.22008888 ETH

2017-12-18 22:41:54 VEN/ETH Buy 0.00203786 21 0.02100000 VEN 0.04279506 ETH

2017-12-18 22:41:53 VEN/ETH Buy 0.00203786 1364 1.36400000 VEN 2.77964104 ETH

2017-12-18 22:41:47 VEN/ETH Buy 0.00203786 7 0.00700000 VEN 0.01426502 ETH

As you can see, I sold the vens I bought on the 18th the same day. Then I’ve bought on the 28th, this is BEFORE the competition.

Now the interesting part is, a few hours ago I could see the purchases I did on the 4th, around 4k VEN.. now I cannot, I only see the VEN’s I sold, thousands of them. How can I sell VEN’s I haven’t bought (according to history now)? The history of buying them isn’t there anymore. See for yourself, I could provide screenshots too.

2018-01-05 02:29:55 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 746 0.00304700 ETH 3.04699970 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:52 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:51 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 48 0.00019605 ETH 0.19605360 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:44 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:41 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:41 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:40 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 536 0.00218927 ETH 2.18926520 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:39 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:38 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:38 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:38 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:37 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:36 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 51 0.00020831 ETH 0.20830695 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:36 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 33 0.00013479 ETH 0.13478685 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:35 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 546 0.00223011 ETH 2.23010970 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:10 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 187 0.00076379 ETH 0.76379215 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:01 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 237 0.00096801 ETH 0.96801465 ETH

2018-01-05 02:29:00 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 10 0.00211704 BNB 0.04084450 ETH

2018-01-05 02:28:58 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 9 0.00190554 BNB 0.03676005 ETH

2018-01-05 02:28:51 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 244 0.00099661 ETH 0.99660580 ETH

2018-01-05 02:28:48 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 300 0.00122534 ETH 1.22533500 ETH

2018-01-05 02:28:46 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 16 0.00337999 BNB 0.06535120 ETH

2018-01-05 02:28:45 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 652 0.00266306 ETH 2.66306140 ETH

2018-01-05 02:28:39 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 285 0.00116407 ETH 1.16406824 ETH

2018-01-05 02:28:38 VEN/ETH Sell 0.00408445 47 0.00019197 ETH 0.19196915 ETH

2017-12-28 19:40:47 VEN/ETH Buy 0.00250181 770 0.77000000 VEN 1.92639370 ETH

2017-12-28 19:30:06 VEN/ETH Buy 0.00251496 44 0.00466477 BNB 0.11065824 ETH

The lists goes even further. So, I bought 814 VEN on 28th. On the 5th of january I sold 4406? How is that possible?

I can’t believe my history has been played with and changed.

Please help me upvote this so it comes to attention and be carefull, make screenshots of your history everyday I guess. I can’t believe it.


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Most of your questions should find answer by now

Just got a reply from Kucoin support as follows:

Hi , KuCoin users, thanks for your support,apologize for my late reply,due to our live traders has doubled in just 24 hours,leads to we can’t reply to your email in time. Has your problem been solved?if it has been solved,please don’t reply,if not,please read the follow information in detail.

1.lost 2 step verification(2fa doesn’t work) 2. Problems with deposit and withdrawal ERC-20 tokens 3. Deposit BTC has not received(correct address) 4. Sign up has not received verification email 5. Transferred tokens to a wrong address 6. Promotion on kucoin

lost 2 step verification(2fa doesn’t work)

we can help you unbind the 2FA enabled,You need send a email to by your register e-mail and provide the following information so that we can verify you identity: 1. Is there any coins/tokens in your account? If so, what is the balance? 2. When was your account registered? 3. Do you have a trade record in your account? If so, please explain. 4. Please provide your passport home information by photo. 5. I promise that is registered and used at I hereby voluntarily apply for this account to unbind Google two steps on the Kucoin platform, and I am willing to take all the corresponding legal responsibilities. We will review your information and please try to log in after 5 days.

if you have already sent a verification email more than 5 days,please try to log in now,if it still can’t worked,please contact me ASAP.

Problems with deposit and withdrawal ERC-20 tokens

The Ethernet network is very congested now and making the transfer slow and transaction stuck in “processing” or “succeed” but can’t see hash. plz rest assured, the transaction is queuing, they will be sent out one by one. plz be patient and the coins will be sent out later.your assets are safe,don’t worry. In addition,you can’t transfer tokens from kucoin to another account on kucoin,otherwise,your token will be stuck.If you’ve already done it,please give me your register email and recipient address ,and provide a new correct address not on kucoin,attach a screenshot of your withdrawal records,I will check for you.please don’t do that any more.

Deposit BTC has not received(correct address) Don’t worry about it,your assets are safe,your tokens have been in blockchain to be confirmed, The deposit transaction will be automatic, and the Bitcoin transfer will need to be confirmed by the entire Bitcoin network, and your Bitcoin will be automatically deposited to your account after 6 confirmation..please check BTC deposit records later. Sign up has not received verification email 1. It’s possible that your network is delay,I suggest you check your mailbox later.The activating email is valid for 12 hours. 2. Please try it a few times and check if the email is in the junk mail box.Please clear your email cache. 3. please add no- to the white list and try it again.if still can’t,please contact us by support-chat in 9:00~18:0 (UTC+8) ,we will give you a link manually. Kucoin bonus. we have upgrade the KCS bonus system some days before. Now user could not get their payout daily if they haven’t bound the Google 2FA. So if you meet the issue, please bind your Google 2FA first. we will make a unified payment to users for kcs bonus, please rest assured, just wait for the bonus to arrive at your account.

6.Transferred tokens to a wrong address Please check whether the addresses of these two sorts of tokens are the same.,if they have the same address,ur tokens will be arrived safely,if their wallet addresses are different,we can do nothing.the currency address only for the currency into the corresponding assets, if transferred to other assets, recharge will not be able to retrieve, for example: Bitcoin wallet address only for bitcoin, if transferred to ETH or other non-bit The currency of the assets, the recharge will not be recovered.

Promotion on kucoin

If you have encountered one of the above problems, we can help you solve it. Please reply ASAP with the title and the problem description, the more simple and clear the better, so that we can solve it for you in time.Thanks for your support and patience.

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Withdrew Litecoin in less than 10 minutes

Hey guys, so I’ve been using Kucoin for a while now and I must say that I really like their exchange for finding low market cap coins not on Binance. That being said, they are facing some scaling/technical issues, but there is nothing to be worried about regarding them being legit.

I just withdrew a big sum of Litecoin and it processed very smoothly, so it looks like they are facing the issue as they stated with Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens.

All the best, let me know if I can help

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