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Utilizing Huobi Token’s to Earn More Tokens

Huobi Pro, the world-leading cryptocurrency exchange and financial services group established in 2013, allows Huobi Token holders to earn money by casting votes on listed projects. Huobi Tokens, or HTs, can be utilized in many ways such as by receiving discounts on trading fees, receiving tokens newly listed on Huobi Pro from time to time, and voting for listed projects on HADAX while receiving the project’s tokens for casting your vote. Similarly, HT is a point system based on blockchain distribution and management, running on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20. And owning HTs is a great way to earn free money.

Here is the break down of exactly how this works and how you can participate:

1. You want to create an account on Huobi Pro, which also gives you access to HADAX, Huobi’s trading platform and grants you the ability to vote.

2. Next, you want to purchase Huobi Tokens (which is what gives you voting power, provides discounts on trading fees, grants you access to special events, and so much more). HTs can be traded in HT/USDT, HT/BTC, and HT/ETH pairs.

Note: All the HT paid for the voting will be refunded. There is a lock up period during the last 72 hours of each phase which is set to avoid impact on the final results by frequent voting and refunding, rinsing and repeating. Users can have their paid HTs refunded at any other time.

3. Vote for your favorite project and receive the corresponding amount of tokens.

The projects are all listed on and the 3rd phase deadline is at 13:00, May 4th, 2018 (GMT+8). Each vote costs 0.1 HT, meaning that 1 HT buys you 10 votes. Listed projects have a corresponding number of tokens you will receive if that project comes in first or second place in voting. For example, Themis is currently leading all other projects with a current total 107,293,844 votes from 3,584 voters. If Themis is to come in first or second place above all the other projects, those who voted for Themis will receive a portion of 5000,000 GET tokens. The reward of one vote nets you 0.04 GET. If you are interested, Themis is a blockchain-based fair exchange system for digital currencies, providing a decentralized escrow service for digital currencies and solving the problems of fair exchanges using digital currencies as medium.

Moreover, Matrix is currently in second place coming in with 93,699,328 votes this time from 11,542 voters. The reward total if this project wins is 100,000 MAN. Designed to be a new generation of blockchain, Matrix leverages the latest AI techniques to refactor the blockchain architecture. Matrix differentiates itself from previous Blockchains by offering breakthrough technologies in building AI-enabled autonomous and self-optimizing blockchain networks.

Currently, there are 32 individual projects listen on HADAX and you have the ability to vote on any one of them. The reward tokens from project teams will be sent to users in 4 installments. When the token is live on HADAX, voted users will get the first quarter of tokens. Later, they will get each quarter in each week that follows.

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