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Bitstamp Review is it Scam?

Fresh new Warning about Bitstamp 08.01.2018 reports that alot of users are not receiving their Bitstamp deposit or even losing them. Alot of support requests from Bitstamp employees are still unanswered and people are filing a lawsuit against them in Facebook groups and reddit forum posts. Bitstamp isn't able to process that huge amount of deposit. Do not deposit money to Bitstamp. Users are reporting that Bitstamp is scam and not legit.

This is a warning. If you want to buy XRP or Ripple then there is a easier way with binance or just use the brand new Cryptocurrency Converter.

Bistamp is a standout amongst the most dependable Bitcoin trades these days. The stage was established as an European contrasting option to then-prevailing cryptographic money trade Mt. Gox and gives secure and solid support of their clients since 2011. The organization was established by Damijan Merlak and Nejc Kodrič in their local Slovenia, however in April of 2013 moved to the UK, at that point to Luxembourg in 2016.

This cryptographic money trade is very much associated in the business. They cooperate with Coinbase, a standout amongst the most prominent BTC trades. The organization has additionally pulled in huge speculation from Pantera Capital, one of the greatest Bitcoin-particular funding financial specialists, possessed incompletely by Benchmark, Ribbit Capital, and Fortress Investment

Bitstamp Review
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Supported Coins
Bitstamp Review

Experience and short review about Bitstamp

Bitstamp stores 98 percent of all coins in cold wallets, keeping the customer’s funds offline in secure vaults. The rest 2 percent are held for a live trading on the exchange.

So Bitstamp was one of the first major trading platform with two-factor authentication and mandatory confirmation emails in order to increase the security of the users.

The company has email and SMS alerts, and they use PGP (Pretty-Good-Privacy) data encryption for authentication of the uploaded files and privacy protection.

Bitstamp Review Conclusion:

Bitstamp is one of the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges out there, with a high daily volume and excellent connections in the industry.


Benefits of Bitstamp

  • International Wire deposits carry 0.05 percent Bitstamp fee with a minimum of 7.5 USD/EUR and it takes 2-5 business days to be completed.

  • International Wire withdrawals carry 0.09 percent Bitstamp fee with a minimum of 15.00 USD/EUR. The minimum amount for international wire withdrawals is 50.00 USD/EUR, and it takes 2-5 business days to be completed.

  • When it comes to Bitcoin trading fees, Bitstamp starts a bit high with 0.25 percent for a monthly volume lower than $20.000. The percentage drops as the volume increases; all the way to 0.10 percent for a monthly volume over $20 million.

    USD/EUR trades have a flat fee of 0.20 percent. You can see the detailed fee schedule here –

  • The minimum trading amount is currently $5. Previously the minimum trading amount was $0.86, but the exchange had to increase the limit due to customer complaints. Customers complained that they are paying five times higher fees on the smaller trading amounts due to the Bitstamp’s rounding policy.

Bitstamp Screenshots

Supported Coins

Cryptocurrencies at Bitstamp:

It allows USD, EUR, bitcoinlitecoin, ethereum, ripple or bitcoin cash deposits and withdrawals. 

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Summary of Bitstamp

Bitstamps Support was good till about the end of november. Then after the huge demand of Cryptocurrency support was completely overloaded. No money deposit, no review, no ansers, no emails, no official communication. Your capital is highly at risk we do not recommend this exchange!


Pro & Contra of Bitstamp


  • High volume and liquidity
  • Connections in the industry grant it additional legitimacy
  • Easy to use and quick


  • Supports only BTC/FIAT trades
  • Slightly higher fees if you are trading lower volumes
  • Unknown future impact of unstable Chinese regulatory climate
  • 2FA for all
  • Very bad support
  • long response time, some users reporting weeks

Start with Bitstamp

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Due to very bad review, users posts, long support answering times we do not recommend bitstamp at all.

7 Kommentare

  1. Veröffentlich von REview3 am 29. Dezember 2017 um 18:22

    This audit is finished sham falsehoods. Bitstamp is the most exceedingly bad site ever with 10s of thousands of troubled individuals. Simply go to the bitstamp reddit and see with your own eyes. They’ve even bolted my record for no damn reason following 2.5 years as a dedicated client. I’m not a fear based oppressor, or tax criminal, so in the event that I can get blocked anybody can. Remain AWAY with these fuc… bastards

  2. Veröffentlich von Nevian B. am 31. Dezember 2017 um 2:43

    I stored cash into bitstamp and obtained ethereum. When I went to pull back to my nana wallet it never appeared. Ihad the right locations, extremely disappointing. I have messaged a few times and to various individuals and there has been no reaction. I made a ticket and no reaction either. Not extremely content with the serviceor need there of. Might want what I acquired! I have seen a few people on the web that said they had the same ethereum issue with getting to their private wallets. Appears there is a specialized issue and an administration issue. Hold up seven days to get affirmed then they take my cash! Read the reddit Bitstamp reviews!

  3. Veröffentlich von Peter007 am 1. Januar 2018 um 14:42

    This audit must be paid advertising? BitStamp is shocklingly terrible. It takes 1 week to get checked and by and large over seven days to have a bank store credited. They solicit a considerable measure from questions and require ID checks, photograph transfers, selfies and reviews keeping in mind the end goal to get stores into the record.

    Their help is futile and more than 24 hours to react with somebody unhelpful. Issues don’t get settled and simply get dragged out. Now and again bolster addresses simply get disregarded.

    Stay away from this organization no matter what! I lost more than 15’000 USD

  4. Veröffentlich von Eli42 am 3. Januar 2018 um 23:12

    Their help is horrendous, and as of late I think they are endeavoring to keep the exchanges to the extent that this would be possible for themselves before discharging it to the client account. I completed an exchange over 14 days back and they reached me for KYC process, I sent all that they asked for but then there is no advance from their side and they don’t answer to my request. This isn’t the first occasion when I complete an exchange and it more often than not goes easily, this time I needed to purchase btc before the fork so I can get the bcc, they kept the exchange and the BCC for themselves :- ). this is unquestionably the Last time I manage them, they caused me immense looses and they are essentially taking.

  5. Veröffentlich von Steve Dogger am 8. Januar 2018 um 14:39

    The support is amazing poor. Email not replied for weeks. The verification process is bad. All uploaded images are rejected and explanation not clear. My experience tell me to avoid this website until they iron out the issues.Filing a lawsuit against them

  6. Veröffentlich von Eli42 am 28. Dezember 2018 um 12:40

    I definetly not recommend Bitstamp! Credit Card was charged, payment canceled, support answer: it takes 7 days to return the money! No thank you and never again! If you compare Bitstamp vs Binance you’ll see the big difference.

  7. Veröffentlich von Anonymous666 am 30. Dezember 2018 um 19:23

    Hi all,

    I endeavored to open a record more than 1 month back, and since today it is getting checked. Anyway, after to have perused posts down, from Steve – Michael and other individuals, I have to concede that my paunch hurt me now. what the heck am I doing? do I truly need open a record with this deceitful individuals?


    I truly trust individuals here will discover their cash back. I am so schock, I mean was feeling that Bitstamp look an organization that you can trust, however from the earlier it isn’t even an organization… not by any means registred.

    Bitstamp. go f..k


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