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“2020 was a tough yet fruitful year for crypto.

As we take off into 2021, I want to take this opportunity to review all the efforts we made in 2020.

Also, I’d like to share KuCoin’s roadmap to give you an idea of what the future holds for us.

See the tweet of KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu here:


Read his full letter here:


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2 Kommentare

  1. Veröffentlich von MisterTunk am 17. Oktober 2021 um 15:18

    oben 30 or tot 15 coinmarketcap for KCS…. That means atleast 17 (till 30$ per kcs) dollars each for KCS within 2-3 years . Well that’s promising, i will buy some extra KCS just in case…..


  2. Veröffentlich von reasons_for_sanity am 17. Oktober 2021 um 15:18

    I sincerely enjoyed ‘a letter from KucoinCEO today.
    For the first time in years there are answers in a quality and depth that I missed and even made me sceptical at times.
    How pleasant to read about all the challenges, open words and an outlook that draws a realistic perspective.
    I do think this letter was written with integrity and is not just a marketing gag to please new investors. Despite two tiny details I stumbled upon that made me think.

    This kind of open, upright and transparent communication is the way to go and what I always was hoping for to see from Kucoin.
    Highly appreciatedthank you guys!!!