Ich habe kürzlich Geld auf mein binance.us-Konto eingezahlt, um iota zu kaufen, und ich habe auf meiner Bank festgestellt, dass sie mir das Doppelte berechnet haben. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, wie oder warum dies passiert ist, da sie noch keine Informationen preisgegeben haben.

Übrigens, i sent them screen shots of my binance order history and of my bank account with their bank Prime trust llc transaction history to show the discrepancy and that they in fact charged me double

I contacted binance.us customer support last wednesday and they got back to me saying its under investigation. Friday i contacted them again and they mentioned along lines, dont worry its under investigation and we will contact the bank, Prime Trust LLC, and have things resolved by monday.

Monday came and went with no info. So i sent them a passive-aggresive message asking for an update and what’s going on? No response

I then sent a message Tuesday to Prime Trust LLc custome support and billing department. They responded today (Wednesday) along lines, they understand my frustration and issue has been resolved and binance should be in contact with me “shortly”.

I feel seeing a discrepancy like an overcharged bill shouldn’t take this long and more detailed messages should be sent to me so that I am certain i get my money back. They have yet ti mention if it will . I’m beginning to wonder whether they will return my funds to me and if this is an entity I would want to trust for the future, the temptation will be there being that iota prices are low.

I will wait til Friday to see if any updates come about from them. But i would like your help if i dont see my money returned to me

Has any one had a similar experience? And what would be the next best step in this process?

You can’t call binance customer support for what u see they are only available by opening ticket on their website. The only other people i see available to contact are the CEOs, but highly doubt they will respond.

Appreciate the help and time.

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    You deposited last Wednesday. It’s been one week and you’re already posting on Reddit as if you’ve been scammed. Obviously whatever happened with your double-charge was an edge case and the timeline you’ve had thus far is not unreasonable, especially when communication with a bank is required.

    I understand it’s easy to get worked up and paranoid when you’re experiencing an issue, but there is no need to. If there was an issue, Binance.US will certainly do what they can to resolve it.

    Nachdem das gesagt worden ist, if you provide a ticket number, I can pass it along to the US team for further review.


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