As I wanted to buy IOTA and according []( I took the proposed route over Bitstamp. What a bad ideaFirst it took nearly 24 hours till I got the ETH funds on my Huobi account (my fault, a contract transaction seems to make still problems). Then I was finally able to buy IOTA. But as I had very bad experiences and want to hold my IOTA for a longer time, I’ve learnt my lessons and want to keep it in my own wallet.

Before I transfered ETH to Huboi I tried to check about the IOTA situation and found []( – so far so good

**Till** I wanted to withdraw my IOTAs as the option is grayed out.. So I contacted the support who gave me the following information: []( – **from two months ago.** After this I asked for en ETA till it’s possible again. Beside that the support wasn’t understanding the word ETA (ironically…) I only heard the famouswait patiently for an announcement”.

For me as customer this situation is unacceptable. I wound understand if there was a problem temporarily, but as this short statement, for which I first had to ask for, is two months ago, it’s really disturbing for me (is this really normal?).

At least there could be:

* An estimated time amount needed till it’s possible again
* An update with a ton more details to understand why this takes so long
* A notification option, as I also have other things to do in my life beside waiting for an announcement which can take hours, Tage, months and hopefully not years
* A warning message that IOTA withdraws aren’t not possible and it’s totally open when it is possible again

I’m very unhappy with this experience and beside I’m overlooking something very basically in the IOTA scope, I feel insecure if it’s really save to use Huobi in the future.


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