Kucoin thought I was Playing

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  1. Veröffentlich von kucoin_moderator am 20. April 2020 um 5:07

    We appreciate you giving us a heads up. Rest assured this gets to the rightful department and our legal team shall take necessary actions deemed necessary after reviewing your claim. If you’d like to get in touch, you may contact them via legal@kucoin.com


  2. Veröffentlich von YeaManJam am 20. April 2020 um 5:07

    WTF? On behalf of a class of investors who purchased ten digital tokens that KuCoin has sold through its online exchange since September 15, 2017 (the “Class”), without registering under applicable federal and state securities laws as an exchange or broker-dealer, and without a registration statement in effect for the securities it was selling, Plaintiff and members of the Class seek to recover the consideration paid for the tokens and the fees they paid to KuCoin in connection with their purchases of EOS, SNT, QSP, KNC, TRX, Oh mein Gott, VERLEIHEN, ELF, CVC, and TOMO (together, the “Tokens”).


    So you bought some tokens and then you couldnt withdraw them? or are you trying to say they are a securities brokers? Cause i believe their TOS says US citizens arent suppose to be trading there.


  3. Veröffentlich von vSaintt am 20. April 2020 um 5:07

    Lol silly sepo.


  4. Veröffentlich von miketwiss am 20. April 2020 um 5:07

    I told you I wasn’t playing Kucoin. You should’ve taken that BS functionality that steals money from folks in the contracts off your platform and given my money back and you wouldn’t have this problem on your hands.

    Your platform is a crooked scam. This is only the beginning. I will not stop until your platform is gone off of the crypto scene.

    Good luck