Hallo Leute,

Berichten über meine Erfahrung mit Huobi über meinen persönlichen Fehler, bei dem ich versehentlich meine BTC auf ERC20 von Binance gesendet habe, die Binance WBTC ist (BBTC) (Ich weiß es ist dumm aber, ja Leute machen Fehler, und das habe ich erst bemerkt, als ich die Transaktions-ID gesehen habe) and from Huobi’s side doesn’t accept that as a currency (duh!. obviously) and so now the amount is hanging in the between.

Reported the issue to the support via chat, they asked me to lodge a report on the issue. I really hope my funds will be able to be recovered and i’ll be updating on the status of my report here for your reference.

https://preview.redd.it/aj40t0ysefg61.png?width=1124&format = png&auto = webp&s=471d2d054aff2f6e7e4369e0135925159f3ffbb5

[as stated its already in, but it doesn’t show up on Huobi](https://preview.redd.it/r1fpw3ysefg61.png?width=1117&format = png&auto = webp&s=0e029e25d3bedaaf4c0c690346a16e4b8e59aeac)

[AKTUALISIEREN 1]Just got an email from their support saying they’ll transfer back for a fee of 0.1 ETH (which is quite high for me) and they’ll only send it back to previous address which is Binance’s main address and that would create another issue which to ask Binance if they can resend it back to my account.

https://preview.redd.it/n1zzc32tlfg61.png?width=682&format = png&auto = webp&s=983d109d44d53c31959d0eb74c73e46b805d3be1

The hassle starts now and almost a 200$ mistake. Sigh

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