Hi just wondering if anybody knows what will happen to coins stored in Binance when they ban US costumers. I have some alt coins and not sure what will happen since some of those coins won’t be legal in US. What will Binance do with these coins?

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  1. Veröffentlich von nh372018 am 26. November 2019 um 1:36

    They will be stored until you withdraw them. Sep 12th no more trading. They will open a new Binance for US customers. I will say better to close out trades and withdraw before end of August. Your coins won’t just disappear or anything. Binance is in this game to do right by their customers. But regulatory pressure from US is causing them to not allow US residents to use the platform we currently are able to trade on.


  2. Veröffentlich von Follow_youre_heart am 26. November 2019 um 1:36

    You probably want to get them out of there! Get yourself a hardware walletI like the Trezor but lots of people like Ledger Nano.


    What coins do you think will not be legal or trade-able in the US?


  3. Veröffentlich von JediMasterCrypto am 26. November 2019 um 1:36

    What makes you think Binance is going to ban US customers?


  4. Veröffentlich von useemrlymad am 26. November 2019 um 1:36

    they have so many great projects, im sure they address them well.


  5. Veröffentlich von Vassera am 26. November 2019 um 1:36

    Just download a VPN to disguise your location


  6. Veröffentlich von [deleted] am 26. November 2019 um 1:36

    They will be fine. It says you can still access your wallets after this, just not trade.


    After 90 Tage, effective on 2019/09/12, users who are not in accordance with Binance’s Terms of Use will continue to have access to their wallets and funds, but will no longer be able to trade or deposit on Binance.com.


  7. Veröffentlich von Adam159357 am 26. November 2019 um 1:36

    Too bad. binance still has all of my change from my many alts. I don’t have enough value in what’s left to withdraw my coins, yet my alts collectively have a value and still have much potential to grow to a withdrawal value. binance is just cleaning up! Gonna make easy $$$. Now they want me to make a new account. So yesterday! Bye bye binance