What should you expect for the “one more thing”?

This Friday, August 30, 2019, from 19:00 to 20:00 (UTC + 8), join the first AMA in KuCoin English Telegram group and get to know more “endless probabilities”!

We will be sending some red envelopes to participants during the AMA!


➔ Bisitahin Kubarya ngayon at simulan ang kalakalan


  1. Falcoco on 30. August 2019 at 0:43

    Oh, seriously? There’s gonna be a KuCoin rebrand?! KuCoin becomesPEOPLEXThe Peoples Exchange” – with a new logo and all the trimmings?!


  2. helleraizer on 30. August 2019 at 0:43

    When I hear the wordprobabilitiesI think Vegas style casino gaming andendlessmeans you loose all your money.


  3. TabletBank on 30. August 2019 at 0:43

    Kucoin becomes poloniex!