To provide a new and better trading experience for users, KuMEX Bitcoin Perpetual Trading is now available on the KuCoin app. The “Assets” layout has been adjusted in the app, and the fund deposit, withdrawal and transfer services have been opened for the contract account.

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4 Mga Komento

  1. kiefer_moon sa 30. September 2019 sa 1:19

    I have been waiting for this, thanks KuCoin, I opened my app and saw this update, it was really great being able to do contract trading in my smartphone.


  2. helleraizer sa 30. September 2019 sa 1:19

    Just tried it out and I do have to say, very nice work guys


  3. eXistenceLies sa 30. September 2019 sa 1:19

    Why can’t I trade btc for xbt? Confused.


  4. kindcrypto sa 30. September 2019 sa 1:19

    Assuming this also is not for the USA audience now or in the future?