and alikes please just close their account those who died and divide their crypto between shitcoin holders on your exchange why?


No need that crypto being locked away in there. We endured enough losing 90-95% of our investments on shitcoins, we waited to get our money back, it’s a wait forever which never ends. We had enough.

I hope COVID will take warren buffet, bill gates, jeff bezos and alikes and their money will be forfeited by the government and used for good causes.




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  1. BountyExpert sa 13. Abril 2020 sa 4:59

    This would not end well for the exchanges.

    The countries of the dead people likely all have very diffrent regulations regarding deaths.


  2. TheRealMotherOfOP sa 13. Abril 2020 sa 4:59

    This is actually an interesting (and a tad dark) subject. But you make it sound like exchanges get to decide what to do with it, but since verification/kyc has become the norm then inheritance laws apply, aka the family get is. Those who do not have that might lose it though, but even then exchanges aren’t allowed to sell since no kyc means they won’t even know their customers died and I’ll be years/decades before aninactivity custodygets in the works. DEX coins get lost forever.


  3. YeaManJam sa 13. Abril 2020 sa 4:59

    You do realize that all of those people have wills and all of their assets will be distributed according to that and most likely nothing in the world will change when they pass. Gates/Buffet’s 100+ billion isnt going to be sent to everyone on earth equally. Assets are tied up in Foundations that will continue forever.

    As for exchanges and death, thats just dumb. who wants john doe 300$ worth of shitcoins.


  4. bears_or_bulls sa 13. Abril 2020 sa 4:59

    No. It should go to next of kin or any immediate relative.


  5. [deleted] sa 13. Abril 2020 sa 4:59