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  1. kucoin_moderator sur 1. mai 2020 à 5:18

    In accordance with our whitepaper, we will use at least 10% of profits from each fiscal quarter to buy back KCS from the market and burn it. We will maintain the total supply of around 100 million KCS. We have recently executed the 600,167 KCS brûlent pour le 1er trimestre 2020. Check our official announcement here: [https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-kcs-team-completes-10th-quarterly-kcs-burn](https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-kcs-team-completes-10th-quarterly-kcs-burn)


  2. thegreatonenumber2 sur 1. mai 2020 à 5:18

    you get burned when you buy it