It’s been FOUR*months since Kucoin Candies was launched in March!

The original promotion for the new feature is dated as March 23rd:

I am quite surprised that the candies still have no use. Do you think Candies will allow us to pay 50% les frais de transaction? It’s the easiest use case I can imagine.

modifier: I miss countedIt’s been FOUR months. Titles can be edited soWhoops.

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2 commentaires

  1. kucoin_moderator sur 28. juillet 2020 à 9:25

    KuCoin Candies can be used later on to redeem corresponding rewards on task center and reward redemption tab. For now, you may accumulate these candies and wait once we have any relevant activities. S'il vous plaît restez à l'écoute, more information will be revealed in the future. Merci


  2. The_Garlic sur 28. juillet 2020 à 9:25

    I keep collecting for basically no reason. They gave me a nickel of USDT once.