A while ago, I started trading on the [KuCoin](https://www.kucoin.com/) échange. There’s something I noticed about this exchange which is its simple to navigate and easy to do whatever I want.

So I thought this could be one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges someday. Aujourd'hui, it’s on top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges. I would like to share my experiences with you. Here is the [complete beginner’s guide](https://blockfinest.com/kucoin-review-comprehensive-beginners-guide/) to the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange.

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3 commentaires

  1. LogrisTheBard sur 19. mai 2020 à 5:39


    1) No address whitelisting for withdrawals.

    2) No documented insurance policy on assets under management like through Coinbase or Gemini.

    3) Lack of transparency on KCS payout calculation.

    4) Low liquidity and volume compared to larger exchanges.

    5) Unprofessional communication style.

    6) No appreciable volume growth in 12 mois, definite loss of market share.


  2. EquivalentLeg5 sur 19. mai 2020 à 5:39

    Its very informative! But I would suggest you have included their features like the KuMEX, Pool-X or the Spotlight. Was actually looking for some details about their token sale platform. Waiting for it to get some new projects in there. But this one’s good!


  3. TharangaREAL sur 19. mai 2020 à 5:39

    Yeah it’s a good article,thank you for sharing