As many others, I am one of those that forgot some tokens for a couple of years on Kucoin. I was wondering, where do tokens go once they are delisted? It’s plenty of tokens for which smart contracts are active and NOT deprecated, so theoretically they would still be transferable. I have an obvious scenario in mind starting from the assumption that Kucoin is a centralized exchange but first I wanted to know your opinion.

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4 commentaires

  1. kucoin_moderator sur 22. septembre 2021 à 11:49

    You have to coordinate with our [soutien]( so we can check your account.


  2. quotas01 sur 22. septembre 2021 à 11:49

    i had a long mail conv with kucoin about that. i.m.o. they steal coins. those are not theirs. its has value …. my value. anyway ….. i refered to ethlend. kucoin delisted, i was to late…. ethlend gone. but when ethlend was on the rise kucoin relisted them out of the blue. tokens back in my wallet. ethlend is now aave and my profit is + 16000% …. ok that can happen to anycoin they delist. kucoin said they can not transfer your/my coins to another wallet because it would break the rules. rules between kucoin and the crypto they delist. but the coins are not gone. if, in the future, they surge and kucoin relist them…. you get them back. ( i hope you understand what i try to tellenglish is not my native language) ….. i believe them because it happend to me eith ethlend/aave. BUT i still have the opinion it is theft….. leave them in my/your wallet and only activate the withdrawal option …..


  3. therestruth sur 22. septembre 2021 à 11:49

    Just because they delist them doesn’t mean they would liquidate whatever was in your wallet if that’s what you’re getting at. There’s usually a time of like 1-3+ months at least where they warn you repeatedly and let you move them out so you don’t lose anything.


  4. moleskinecollector sur 22. septembre 2021 à 11:49

    So is it correct to say that Kucoin owns and keeps all the delisted tokens that were not withdrawn before the deadline? I still did not get an answer.

    Are those tokens burnt? I guess not the case as they can appear in case of relisting.