Hex has been launched and it is free for anyone that has access to their btc and can sign a message, my question is will Kucoin be handing out hex to those that hold btc on their exchange? [HEX](https://HEX.win/?r=0xe4124B907Df27e3BE71Fe01a24bA0F8e60a363e5)

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3 commentaires

  1. TheRealMotherOfOP sur 8. décembre 2019 à 2:39

    Hex is a scam


  2. Xecman sur 8. décembre 2019 à 2:39

    No mr. heart, sorry. Kucoin does not want to get involved with that junk


  3. kucoin_moderator sur 8. décembre 2019 à 2:39

    salut, [u/DixieKongStar](https://www.reddit.com/user/DixieKongStar/)! There’s no further announcement nor updates about it as of this moment. Should there be an update soon, we’ll keep you posted. Merci.