Im thinking of selling some of my poor performing alts and taking a loss. I have 700 KCS on my kucoin account sitting there. If I were to sell my alt coins on kucoin is there a discount on the selling fees if I indeed hold that amount of KCS?


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  1. DeshawnKunde di 27. November 2019 di 2:28

    Hello there! We have our recently launched, KCS Pay Fees Feature. For any crypto traded on the KuCoin platform, if you choose to use KCS to pay the trading fees, you will enjoy a 20% discount on the trading charges. Simply make sure you hold enough amount of KCS in your trading account when enabling the feature. The system will calculate the corresponding amount of trade fees after a discount, and then deduct the trade fee from your KCS according to the market value in real-time. You may refer to this [article]( for further clarification. For more concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our [support team](


  2. kingscrown69 di 27. November 2019 di 2:28

    yes there is!