It’s been 4h and 35min since my withdrawal request and being stuckin progress

Support saidwe are working on it. You can only wait and check later.

What a joke of an exchange.

Either they don’t have my funds and/or trying to find whose funds they can use to fulfil my request.

Not the 1st but definitely the last.

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4 Komentar

  1. El_Suprrremo di 15. Oktober 2020 di 13:28

    Same here. Almost 10 hours since my attempted ZIL withdraw.


  2. itsalitis di 15. Oktober 2020 di 13:28

    MEMPERBARUI: After roughly 6hrs and 40min my requested, apparatenly, failed.

    And now withdraw button is not clickable for that specific token.


  3. Creative310 di 15. Oktober 2020 di 13:28

    I have a deposit that has been in progress for almost a month


  4. kucoin_moderator di 15. Oktober 2020 di 13:28

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it caused. Please continue to coordinate with our [support team]( for further assistance. Terima kasih