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Pool-X will be launching Hydra Chain (HYDRA) Soft Staking di 10:00:00 on February 4, 2021 (UTC). Users can deposit or transfer HYDRA to their Pool-X account to enjoy an APR of 170%-180%.

In addition, users who participate in HYDRA Soft Staking between 10:00:00 on February 4, 2021 dan 10:00:00 on February 11, 2021 (UTC) will receive a share of a reward pool of 6,165 HYDRA.

Detail: [https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-pool-x-will-launch-hydra-soft-staking](https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-pool-x-will-launch-hydra-soft-staking)

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