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Kucoin hack policy, does it exist?

Hi there, just wondering whether Kucoin has a policy in place in case a hack happens. Do they offer some type of guarantee/insurance? Do they have a policy in place stating what the action plan would be if such an event takes place?

I’m aware “not your keys not your money” so thanks for those answers ahead of time, but just wondering Kucoin’s position on hacks.

If anyone has some information on what kind of proactive controls Kucoin has in place to stop hacks, that would also be appreciated, secondary to initial question.


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  1. bears_or_bulls on 10. September 2019 at 0:55

    Out of all the exchanges, they have some fierce protocols for logging in and trading from your own account. If a hack does happen, it will be either an inside job or some grade A social engineering on their employees.

    I think it’s best that Kucoin’s protocols not be made public as that gives hackers a good idea of what they need to penetrate or where to start to get access to the platform.


  2. xykvy on 10. September 2019 at 0:55

    I’m not actually sure what KuCoin’s policy is, however “not your keys not your money” is a good rule of thumb. If you are worried your best bet would be to keep most of your money in a wallet you have access to and only put what you want to trade into KuCoin, that way if a hack does happen you’ll be safe.


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