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Kucoin Review Exchange with Reward system

What interests us speculators is its currency, much like Binancecoin: KuCoin (KCS) has a total bid of 200 million, but the company plans to repay half of them, 100 million, through a burning policy, as it is exchanging Binance.

Moreover, KUCOIN exchange will be the first exchange to list RedPulse (RPX), which will attract a large number of investors.

I therefore believe that many investors will be drawn to the new policies and facilitations of it, so its domestic currency, KUCOIN, is likely to follow the same exponential trend of BNB when it went from about $ 0.10 to $ 0.20 to $ 2-3 in about a week. People reviewed Kucoin and just loved it. Easy, simple and fast!

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Kucoin Review
Available Coins
Kucoin Affili / Screenshots
Kucoin Review

Advantages and short review about KuCoin Update Februar 2018

KuCoin intends to offer the majority of the accompanying advantages:

One of a kind Operation Strategies: KuCoin claims that its impetus arrangements "can maintain dynamic clients' excitement and make the business significantly more enthusiastic". They will probably end up plainly one of the main 10 trades around the world, and they trust their impetus and referral rewards, among different highlights, will help drive that development.

Financing Stability: KuCoin utilizes "a progressed multi-layer and multi-bunch design". They offer bank-level debacle verification sending with two areas and three focuses fit for taking care of numerous errands at the same time.

Elite Engine: KuCoin's exchanging motor can deal with two million request making demands for every second, and one million request demands for each second all in all.

Framework Security: KuCoin's framework utilizes industry standard exchange encryption conventions. By and large, they intend to give bank-review encryption and security.

Who's Behind KuCoin?

KuCoin is driven by originators Michael Gan (CEO), Eric Don (COO), Top Lan (CTO), Kent Li (Operations and Maintenance Director), John Lee (President of Business Operations), Jack Zhu (Marketing Director) and Linda Lin (Chief Legal Consultant).

Kucoin Conclusion:

KuCoin is another trade that quite recently propelled in September 2017. The trade expects to offer a comparable administration to Binance, in that clients can gain remunerates in return for utilizing the stage. KuCoin gives clients a chance to acquire cash by staking coins, for instance. You can likewise get a rebate on exchanging rates, or procure 40% commission by alluding different brokers to the stage. Altogether, KuCoin gives 90% of its exchanging charge to clients, while keeping 10% for a token buyback support.

The long haul objective of KuCoinis to wind up noticeably one of the main 10 trades on the planet. To take in more about the Hong Kong-based trade, visit online today at

Available Coins

Kucoin Tradeable Coins


Benefits Of KuCoin

Unique Operation Strategies
KuCoin claims that its incentive policies “can sustain active users’ enthusiasm and make the business even more vigorous”. Their goal is to become one of the top 10 exchanges worldwide, and they believe their incentive and referral bonuses, among other features, will help drive that growth.

Financing Stability
KuCoin uses “an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster architecture”. They offer bank-level disaster-proof deployment with two locations and three centers capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

System Security
KuCoin’s system uses industry standard transfer encryption protocols. Overall, they aim to provide bank-grade encryption and security.

High-Performance Engine
KuCoin’s trading engine can handle two million order-making requests per second, and one million order requests per second in general.

Highly responsive Team
They have a super responsive Team that truly listens to the Community and implements features / coins which the community wishes. KuCoin also runs cool promotions & other community activities.

KuCoin Referral Program
They are one of the only Exchanges that offers a nice Referral Program which is NOT a Pyramid Scheme. More about it below.

Kucoin Affili / Screenshots

Kucoins Affiliate System Reviewed with Screenshots


Start with Kucoin

LIMITED SIGNUPS! Get rewarded with the new Kucoin Exchange. Instead of just having money in your wallet - GET PAID amd earn free bitcoins/ KCS. The Reward system works well and the Kucoin Affili is a good new idea so bitcoin Users and profit from the Crypto Exchange. It also offers 2FA.


  1. Nooki on 5. January 2018 at 15:23

    Ich habe einen Bekannten der hat mit Kucoin circa 800-1000 € im Monat. Tendenz weiter steigend. Er hat dort auch diese so genannte KCC Beteiligung und verdient dort proportional zum Kurs. Eine ganz spannende Sache. Auch ist das nicht ein Schneeballsystem oder Ponzi Schema wie zum Beispiel der große Betrug von Bitconnect BCC. Ganz klar eine solide Sache. Grüße aus Deutschland

  2. DerCryptopate on 6. January 2018 at 15:21

    Interessanter Beitrag. was haltet ihr von dem Kucoin Affiliate und dem Verdienst? und der Idee dahinter?
    Bisher die erste Börse die soetwas macht oder gibt es ähnliches?


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