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Could Cryptocurrencies Be The Solution For Hyperinflation?

Since Bitcoin burst onto the scene and brought cryptocurrencies into the collective consciousness, there have been more and more use cases discovered for this groundbreaking technology. One needs only to look at Ethereum and the variety of problems addressed with ERC20 tokens to realize that cryptocurrencies can do more than just hold value. From decentralized…

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The Bitcoin Delivery Contract Has Been Released on KuMEX

KuMEX has now released the Bitcoin Delivery Contract as of October 30, 2019 (UTC+8). The release of this new product will provide more investment choices for users on the platform. Read more about this news on: []( ➔ Visit Kucoin now and start trading

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The Mystery Of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? At this point he, she, or they have reached mythical status in the crypto world. The creator of Bitcoin has managed to remain anonymous for over 10 years, which is no easy feat in the modern world of hacking, doxing and online sleuths. The mystery surrounding the enigmatic progenitor is legendary…

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New Live Charting Resource for KuCoin Trading Pairs

Hi Everyone! I hope we’re all having a great weekend. Yesterday I released a new free project I’ve been working on for a while. This is a simple page to provide real-time charts. Instead of aggregated pricing, these charts take the real-time data from every major exchange and allow you to flip through the exchanges…

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KuMEX Bitcoin Spot Index .BXBT Exchange Weight Adjustment

Based on the trading volume of the bitcoin against the US dollar in the 6 exchanges of Coinbase Pro, Bitstamp, Kraken, Gemini, Liquid and Bittrex, the exchange weights of the constituent Bitcoin spot index .BXBT were adjusted. Read more about this news on: []( ➔ Visit Kucoin now and start trading

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