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Margin trading minimum requirement

” For example, I wanted to short Bitcoin with USDT. The minimum amount is USDT 2,000 .” However, when I have a look here: [](, the sell minimum is 0.001. My guess is the link above is just for normal trading. Any idea from experienced trader? View Reddit by afblaze94 – View Source

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How to sell USDC on Binance

Any advice on how to convert USDC into Bitcoin so I can either stay in Bitcoin or purchase other “coins” using Bitcoin? ➔ Visit Binance now and start trading

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Atomic Swap vs IOU – Swap Online working on a future solution!

So guys, Binance DEX works fine – actually it is the best Decentralized Exchange I ever tested I like everything – UI, technical realization, IOU also works perfect. But, I want to ask – are looking forward to use Atomic Swaps in the future? Because right now we are building decentralized widget, that will allow…

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How to safely buy and sell Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies by using Huobi’s OTC Platform?

Interested in buying or selling [~~#~~**Bitcoin**]( and [~~#~~**cryptocurrency**]( through an [**OTC**]( platform. Read all about it in my article below: []( View Reddit by Linda-Crypto – View Source

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What Are The Applications Of Blockchain: Areas of Vulnerability Part 2

The words Bitcoin and Blockchain can generate skepticism for some people not interested in digital assets, but the potential uses of blockchain outside of just cryptocurrency are proving to be more captivating. These other uses for blockchain technology have the potential to improve many different areas of everyday life. The areas of vulnerability that need…

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