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Is Bitcoin at the end?

The Bitcoin skeptics are triumphant in the face of recent losses. The trailers are unsure. But it is probably too early for a swan song. Source link

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Bitcoin slips below $ 10,000

Compared to the record high of mid-December, the value of the most prominent digital currency has been halved in a short time. And now? . Source link

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$12 Fee for Moving my OMG to an off site storage

Look, I trade exclusively with Binance

Withdrawing Ethereum or other Alt Coins in the past I have NEVER had an issue like this, unless I was withdrawling Bitcoin …

Why is it trying to charge me a .5 OMG fee to withdrawl ?

If this is the case I will simply change to Ethereum or another small Alt Coin .. transfer to another exchange, rebuy OMG and STOP using Binance period.

What is going on here .. I have loved using Binance and not had any issues (Besides it lagging at times) until today. There is no way I am keeping hundreds of dollars of coins I am holding long term on Binance – security wise it makes 0 sense.

That doesn’t mean I won’t move back to Binance to trade in the future, but that will be the case if they seriously want $12 to make a withdrawl. I want to ‘test’ the withdrawl to make sure there ar no issues and I have to send $15 worth of OMG to test and see if I even get a few dollars worth in my wallet.

This means with a test transaction and the “Real” transaction we are talking 1 OMG – which is what, around $25 ??

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