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Cryptocurrency loses a quarter of its value

The speculation about the Bitcoin crypto system is causing investors high losses this week. Bild: dpa The descent of Bitcoin continues. The krypto investment is reduced by about ten percent and costs less than $ 9,000. Investors have lost about 25 percent this week. What's up? true A In the face of increasing regulation by…

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Kryptonite vs Superman: Venezuela new currency idea

false E s was one of those typical socialist success stories that the Venezuelan government sets up a dozen times a day. Mostly, it's about a ship carrying as many tons of food as it gets, or the socialist local supply and manufacturing committees providing CLAP with so many food packages to so many families…

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Bitcoin falls below 6000 dollars

Trigger of the price fall are to be found also with the digital plants themselves. The rapid increase in prices of 2017 has meanwhile largely disappeared. Source link

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